The Majority Coin Unveils a New Age Blockchain Designed for E-commerce, Gaming, and More


The Majority Coin (TMC) is proud to present a new blockchain platform for e-commerce, gaming, and more. This platform empowers users with the tools to engage with the unique digital assets that have captivated the digital world.

With features such as e-commerce, NFTs, and a native token, The Majority Coin wants to rapidly grow in the crypto industry. Users may also take unique courses and join the TMC academy to remain current on crypto developments.

All the Features Brought Together by The Majority Coin

At the heart of this project lies a new advanced technological system called “Majority Blockchain.” Various features set this blockchain apart from others, such as:

  1. Security: The Majority Blockchain uses the latest encryption and consensus algorithms to secure data and assets.
  2. Scalability: The platform can handle a large number of transactions, making it accessible to many users and businesses.
  3. Low Fees: Transaction fees are low, making it more affordable and accessible for users who wish to use the blockchain platform.
  4. Interoperability: The platform allows easy integration with other decentralized applications and services.
  5. Developer-friendly: The project supports the Solidity programming language. This makes it easier for developers to create and deploy smart contracts and dApps without any difficulty.

The Majority Coin also has several practical tools, such as an Android crypto wallet app. The wallet is also available as a Chrome extension. Soon, the iOS wallet app will go live as well. With these features and tools, The Majority Coin aims to give users a secure and fast blockchain platform for multiple applications.

Discovering $TMC

At the middle of the Majority Blockchain sits $TMC, the team’s native cryptocurrency. It’s a brand-new digital asset designed to power the Majority Blockchain for all its use cases.

The most essential aspect to understand about this token is, likely, its allocation. The total token supply is 510,000,000 (510 Million), distributed as follows:

  • The team allocated 28% of the total supply for staking purposes.
  • 16% is dedicated to public sale fund
  • 14% goes to management, 11% to development, and 6% to rewards
  • 5% are allocated as advisory, tycoon, and mining funds, respectively
  •  4% of the total supply is earmarked for strategic projects
  • The team divided the remaining 6% between the ambassador and BDP fund.

The Majority Coin is the fuel of this blockchain technology: $TMC will serve as a utility token that powers all transactions on the network. This will also enable users to participate in staking activities to earn rewards for helping secure the network.

What Is Next for The Majority Coin?

There are many exciting new projects that The Majority Coin is working on. Specifically, the team mentioned the intention of launching an NFT Marketplace, E-Commerce Platform, Lottery, and more. The NFT Marketplace lets users browse top sellers and discover exciting digital assets.

The E-commerce platform offers fans the chance to purchase products they are proud of. Additionally, users can participate in a Lottery system, which offers even more opportunities for users to engage with the platform. With these projects, The Majority Coin is creating a new age of blockchain technology designed to empower users.

About The Majority Coin

The Majority Coin is a new-age blockchain-based project for e-commerce, gaming, and more. Its EVM-based (Majority Chain) design gives developers and companies safe, scalable, and decentralized dApp and smart contract infrastructure.

With 25,000 users already on board, The Majority Coin also offers a wallet app on the Play Store. In addition, the team’s blockchain comes with low fees and multiple features. All these tools will give $TMC a wide set of use cases.

This will enable seamless online shopping and gaming integration for digital assets and virtual economies. Businesses can reach a global customer base, while gamers can explore NFTs through the platform.

The Majority Coin’s blockchain opens up a world of possibilities, transforming industries and unlocking the potential of trustless systems. For more information about this new project, it’s possible to visit The Majority Coin’s website or the social pages below. Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram | Telegram | Explorer