The tea Protocol’s Incentivized Testnet Approaches 200K Signups and 500 Open-Source Software Projects in First Week


Feb. 27, 2024 — The tea Protocol ( today announced that its incentivized testnet has passed over 185,000 sign-ups and 400 registered open-source software projects since launching on Feb. 21, with many of these occurring in just the first 48 hours of its testnet going live. tea's mission is to create a more resilient and sustainable open-source software ecosystem by providing OSS developers rewards for their open source contributions. 

Max Howell, the creator of Homebrew open-source software package management system and the driving force behind tea, is at ETHDenver this week to speak to this overwhelming community response as well as tea's overall mission to create a more resilient and sustainable open-source software ecosystem.  

“Web3 has the potential to blend two potent concepts that have been isolated in Web2: open-source software and incentivization structures. The tea Protocol is the leading engine to bring them together. The open-source community is clearly responding to The tea Protocol’s potential with an enthusiasm beyond even our most optimistic hopes and projections. I look forward to sharing what this response has meant and what we’re continuing to build at ETHDenver” said Howell. 

The tea Protocol’s Testnet phase is crucial for ensuring a thriving, efficient, and secure network for all participants. Any open-source developer can interact with The tea Protocol and earn rewards for their contributions, and communi’tea members, including non-developers, are also encouraged to access The tea Protocol via a series of incentivized activities on and off chain, and offers a $250k grant for open source developers to boost engagement for OSS.

The mission of tea is to create a more resilient and sustainable open-source software ecosystem. The tea Protocol seamlessly bridges Web2 open-source codebases to Web3 to enhance their sustainability and provide fair rewards to open-source developers. Additionally, tea provides developers access to its incentivized community of vulnerability reporters and is cross-compatible with major package managers including Homebrew, npm, APT, Crate, PyPI, RubyGems, and pkgx.

Howell will be joining The tea Protocol development lead Mawadda Basir at ETHDenver’s Trident Stage today at 1:30 p.m. for a presentation called “Abstracting Complexity, Unlocking Opportunity: Simplified Web3 Development & Rewards for Open Source Projects.” For more information, please visit 

To learn more about The tea Protocol or to sign up for its incentivized testnet, please visit

About tea

tea is a trailblazing web3 protocol built on Base, the layer-2 blockchain from Coinbase. It is designed to empower open-source software developers to capture the value they create. At the heart of the tea Protocol is the Proof of Contribution algorithm, which measures the value, position, and impact of open-source software projects. Proof of Contribution assigns a dynamic “teaRank” to each project which is used by the protocol to distribute rewards. Proof of Contribution ensures that every layer of a software project, especially foundational elements, is recognized and rewarded for its contribution and promotes healthy competition amongst projects to continually improve their codebase and usage by other projects within the ecosystem.

The communi'tea invites users to explore the forefront of open-source software through its platform. Detailed information is accessible at to learn more and connect with tea on TwitterteaForumDiscord, and Telegram for the latest updates and discussions.

Media contact: [email protected] 

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