These Five New NFT Projects Are Ready to Become the Next Blue-Chip on the Market


Since the introduction of non-fungible tokens (or “NFTs”), blockchain technology has swept the globe. It is possible to buy, sell, and exchange NFTs since they are useful and valuable. 

An NFT marketplace might be established where artists can sell their work while crypto gamers can buy, trade, and swap NFTs to enhance their gaming experience. 

Listed below are some of the most promising NFT projects that we believe will outperform the market over the next several months.

Yeti Secret Society

As a first step to becoming a member of the Yeti Yacht Club, you must acquire an NFT from the project’s collection. The Yeti Yacht Club’s limited availability is credited by the series’ creators as a major factor in the club’s popularity. 

Pre-minting gives you a chance to get your hands on these brand-new NFTs before anybody else. 

Without a “Club,” the squad would not be able to accomplish its goals. This service is available to all Yeti NFT owners for the entire year. To stay in touch with its ever-expanding fan base, the project makes use of social media tools like Twitter and Discord

For investors, the NFT’s scarcity is a critical aspect, and rarity is often a synonym for value in this market. 

Because of their focus on both innovation and exclusivity, the Yeti Yacht Club’s creators may anticipate a rise in demand. 

The Yeti Yacht Club has teamed up with Sapphire Studios to create a new massively multiplayer online game (MMO). As a result of this agreement, the product’s ecosystem will also include a Metaverse architecture. 

The arranging of a boat excursion to Monaco for 600 lucky NFT holders is one of the most recent features unveiled by Yeti Yacht Club. Members and celebrities are allowed to rent a whole island through this project.

Members of the Yeti Yacht Club have been involved in a wide range of internet-related initiatives since the club’s inception. That these designers are well-versed in the strange world of NFT is no accident.

Moon Boyz

The Moon Boyz token collection has 11,111 ERC-721 tokens. Blockchain technology is used in every single one of them. In addition to a growing network of like-minded individuals, these resources give you a plethora of other benefits. 

Because the industry is so crowded, NFTs will need to provide something truly unique to attract investors and crypto fans if they are to flourish. The project the group produced was of such high quality that it caught the eye of industry leaders. 

As long as you have access to one of these NFTs, you may take part in a variety of fascinating missions, both on Earth and in cyberspace. Your efforts will be rewarded with a slew of cryptocurrencies. 

The Moon Boyz NFTs will begin their digital travel in the crypto market after they’ve gathered the resources they’ll need. 

A life-changing experience awaits anybody who joins the Moon Boyz movement. Several unique features, such as exclusive clubs and events, are part of the token’s plan, which is part of a competitive rollout strategy.

Cryptoon Goonz

Currently, there are 6,969 NFTs in the Cryptoon Goonz collection running on the Ethereum network. There are a total of eight unique characteristics of Cryptoon Goonz, ranging from the common to the extremely unusual. 

Commercial rights to Crytoon Goon are included with the character’s ownership. Members of the community will have access to the wallet associated with the DAO. 

The gateway is the focus of the second phase of Cryptoon Goonz’s development. Traveling through the portal necessitates the transformation of Goonz NFTs into something else. If one NFT goes through the portal, it will be locked up. 

Following escape through the portal, NFT will revert to its original state. As a result of this, NFT portal updates may be reversed. Be aware that no new NFTs are created or destroyed as a result of this procedure. There can never be more than 6,969 pieces in the collection. 

Early access to upcoming drops, special Discord sections, voting capabilities inside the DAO, promotions, and more exciting features may be available to members of the DAO. 


Decentraland is a virtual planet built and administered on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Users of this site have the option to look around, communicate with other users, play games, and buy or sell the virtual property. Anybody may use the platform to exchange messages, pay for goods, and download software. 

Create your own worlds with the help of the Decentraland creators’ drag-and-and-drop editor and online marketplace. 

Participants in the market can track and exchange LAND tokens, which are valued at a certain amount of MANA each. The marketplace allows you to buy, sell, or trade in-game commodities like clothing and distinctive names. 

LAND tokens are used by Decentraland to monitor particular attributes. To participate in the MANA ecosystem, you must have an Ethereum-compatible wallet.


For P2E games, metaverses are common, although Silks is an alternative approach. Silks, a game based on horse racing, is a big attraction for gamblers who wish to use real money. 

Economic principles from the racing world are included in Silks.  In NFT Racing, players race equines and get incentives for placing in the top three. 

If you have access to the secondary market, trading in horses is completely unrestricted. 

Virtual models of thoroughbred racehorses can be used to monitor their growth and achievements as one-year-olds. Online crypto gaming profits may also be cashed out using this approach. 

In the future, virtual horse owners will be able to watch their virtual horses compete in real-world races from the sidelines. If the owner is successful, he or she may get a small prize.