Tigers Uncaged launches revolutionary platform that lets individuals escape society's cage and join the Web3 journey in style


Uncaged, a way of life, is making sure that people reach out, grab the key to their success, break open the cage that has been suppressing them all these years, and go out into the wild. Tigers Uncaged helps them do this with the power of Web3. 

Tigers Uncaged has unveiled its collection of 10,005 Tiger NFTs that allow individuals to become a member of the "uncaged community," as it aims to help them escape society's cage in style via the Ethereum Blockchain and the endless opportunities brought by Web3. 

Tigers Uncaged provides members with a community that breaks free from modern-day society by escaping the 9-5 mentality, an attitude that people's jobs only matter between those hours, and they refuse to think about it at any other time. It's a hapless mentality and a tragic mindset that people have to work for 8 hours in a workday – from 9 am to 5 pm. 

"Our community promotes innovation with no boundaries where community members can share and develop their ideas and passions while leaving the old world behind," says Tigers Uncaged co-founder Pdiddy Wilson.

Tigers Uncaged is able to do this by integrating Web3 technology to build a brand that reflects the community and way of life. The platform develops individual designs into finished works and promotes creativity and innovation before everything else. 

This game-changing platform leads the way in bringing together like-minded individuals who want the opportunity to make an impact through the brand. The community lets members directly contribute to all aspects of the brand.

"We are here to bring brilliant minds together to share the knowledge that made them a success and ensure our community members can set deep roots in the Web3 community. Community members will have access to people they never dreamt of meeting while sitting behind their desk," says Anubis, another co-founder of Tigers Uncaged.

"Our goal is to change lives for the better, so we are dedicated to making our own marketplace for our NFTs with lower royalties, so when you sell your NFT, you are losing less money through fees," explains Hefo, Tigers Uncaged accountant and co-founder.

Community members can buy a Tigers Uncaged NFT on any of the main trading platforms: Opensea, Looks Rare, etc. However, the best place to buy is the Tigers Uncaged marketplace.

Tigers Uncaged was founded by three hungry people whose dream was to create something meaningful and change their close friends and family's lives for the better. PdiddyWilson is the team's Engineer who hates desks and might be half ape. Anubis, the businessman, loves development and innovation and hates 9-5. He works all day so he can party all night. Hefo, the Accountant, loves soccer and can name 90% of capital cities/countries.

To pursue its mission and represent its vision within the community, Tigers Uncaged will develop a web3 focused streetwear brand. They will make clothes that the first impressions will be fashion, not merch. All items will be on their marketplace and can be purchased in crypto or fiat.

Many streetwear designers are looking to get into the NFT trend, and Tigers Uncaged will smoothly onboard them using its marketplace that will already be running. 

Those who want to escape society's cage and join the Web3 journey may join the Discord Community or reach out to the team right away. Others who wish to learn more about Tigers Uncaged may visit www.tigersuncaged.com for more information.