Tomo Leads Digital Art Revolution: Introducing ERC-404 Tomojis and the Premier of 'LONG' Collection


Tomo, the all-in-one social wallet announces the launch of the ERC404 Meme Launchpad called Tomoji. Tomojis will enable content creators and artists to tokenize their work, diversifying their engagement. Tomojis utilize the ERC-404 token standard, addressing the limitations of the traditional ERC-721 NFT standard, which includes a lack of support for partial ownership and low liquidity. This innovation allows for the fractionalization of NFTs, thereby enhancing market liquidity and offering a more flexible approach to ownership. Tomojis offer seamless minting, gifting, and trading capabilities, providing users with an intuitive and interactive platform to engage with digital art. 

Tomoji, as a feature within the Tomo ecosystem, fundamentally serves as an initial sale platform for bringing art and memes into the blockchain as ERC404 tokens on the Base chain. Tomoji represents an effective means of promoting and disseminating meme culture, integrating the excellent liquidity of tokens with the scarcity of NFTs. Tomoji, the ERC404 Meme Launchpad introduced by Tomo, prioritizes a fair launch mechanism, ensuring an equitable and democratic distribution of digital assets. 

The introduction of our first major mint on Tomo's launchpad, the 'LONG' Tomoji, is a momentous occasion. The 'LONG' Collection, a dragon-themed NFT series, is a testament to the creative genius of Sean Kyah Koons. Sean, a scion of renowned artists Jeff and Justine Koons, has recently gained acclaim for his collaboration with his father on the pioneering Moon Phases project. This initiative put the first-ever artworks onto the lunar landscape, creating a timeless cultural artifact. His involvement in Tomoji brings a unique blend of artistic heritage and cutting-edge digital expression to the platform.

Sean Kyah Koons has adeptly woven in the symbolic significance of the dragon, or 'Long' in Chinese. This is particularly resonant as 2024 marks the Year of the Dragon. The character of LONG, envisioned as an enchanting and memorable dragon, beautifully merges traditional Chinese symbolism with the fresh realm of digital art.

With the introduction of both Tomojis and the 'LONG' Collection, Tomo paves the way for a new era in digital collectibles. It symbolizes a milestone in artistic and technological collaboration. Sean Kyah Koons' involvement brings a unique blend of artistic heritage and cutting-edge digital expression to the platform.


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