Top 5 Smart Contract Development Courses – How to Become a Web3 Developer


Learn how to be a Web3 developer with the best smart contract development courses from top industry experts and educators!

Ethereum is one of the most used blockchain networks by decentralized application developers and crypto enthusiasts. It owes its success to smart contracts – self-executable software programs that run when predetermined conditions are met. They require high-security standards and smooth functionalities to ensure dapps run as intended.

Building secure, operative smart contracts may seem daunting to newbie coders. However, this skill is more attainable than ever, thanks to comprehensive resources from world-class developers like the ones below.

Whether you want to learn coding from scratch or advance your Web3 developer career, these smart contract development courses can take you there.

1. Cyfrin Updraft

Cyfrin Updraft is a web3 developer learning platform covering smart contract development from A to Z. It features some of the industry’s leading experts teaching the ins and outs of smart contract building in 50+ hours of step-by-step guides. More importantly, Cyfrin Updraft is entirely free.

Developers of all skills and knowledge can rely on these 5 courses from Cyfrin Updraft:

1. Blockchain Basics

This course covers smart contract development for total beginners.

2. Solidity Smart Contract Development

New smart contract developers can use this course to learn Solidity from zero to hero.

3. Foundry Basics

This course has been designed for intermediate Web3 developers looking to learn Foundry fundamentals.

4. Foundry Advanced

Developers with extensive smart contract knowledge can use this course to learn about advanced testing and deployment practices.

5. Smart Contracts Security and Auditing

This advanced course teaches how to create secure smart contracts and audit codebases.

Cyfrin Updraft is one of the most prominent platforms for web3, Solidity, Vyper, and smart contract auditing. It hosts easy-to-follow courses and comprehensive guides from some of the best security professionals in the industry. These benefits and more have convinced over 100,000 developers (and counting) to kickstart their smart contract development careers and build real-world projects.

You can sign up for Cyfrin Updraft here.

2. Cryptozombies

Cryptozombies offers newbie developers the ideal opportunity to get their feet wet and discover the fascinating world of coding. The platform features several courses teaching blockchain technology and Solidity, one of the most used programming languages for smart contract development.

Many developers choose Cryptozombies for its interactive approach to teaching. The platform encourages students to learn more about blockchain and write smart contracts by building their own crypto games with collectibles. It is a fun and engaging way to help first-time users understand more about Web 3 and decentralized applications.

  • Some of the Cryptozombies courses include:
  • Solidity: Beginners to Intermediate Smart Contracts
  • Advanced Solidity: Get In-Depth Knowledge
  • Beyond Ethereum: Explore the Blockchain Ecosystem
  • Optimism Unleashed
  • TRON: Decentralize the Web

The extensive list of Cryptozombies tutorials and guides exceeds smart contract development. This way, students can learn about some of the most popular blockchain networks like Ethereum and TRON. Moreover, they can discover on their own creations why security is fundamental in building efficient, impenetrable smart contracts. Lastly, Cryptozombies offers gamified courses in 11 languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, Slovak, and Italian.

3. Solidity by Example

At the opposite end of the teaching spectrum from Cryptozombies is Solidity by Example – a platform that keeps smart contract development as simple as possible. Developers looking for a minimal approach to learning Web3 can use this website to gain insights into software engineering.

Solidity by Example uses modular building to help new and experienced developers build smart contracts. This method helps reduce complexity and enhance readability. As a result, developers also improve their ability to identify bugs and vulnerabilities.

The platform’s courses begin with the programming classic “Hello World,” showing developers how to write their first smart contract code lines. Next, it advances with step-by-step instructions on everything from functions, variables, constants, and errors to gas optimizations.

Alternatively, students can improve their knowledge of blockchain-based applications. The courses include Ether Wallet, Merkle Tree, and token standards, such as ERC-20 and ERC-721. The website and its YouTube channel provide plenty of resources for first-time developers to learn how to code smart contracts from scratch.

4. Alchemy University

Alchemy University is another important resource for Web3 developers and smart contract builders. The platform provides extensive courses on Solidity, the Ethereum blockchain, and more. Students can also enrich their skills and know-how by learning more about decentralized applications, APIs, SDKs, and advanced Web3 applications.

Some of the most sought-after courses at Alchemy University include:

  • Solidity Development Course
  • Ethereum Developer Bootcamp
  • Ethereum and Solidity: The Complete Developer’s Guide
  • Master Ethereum & Solidity Programming From Scratch
  • Certified Solidity Developer

Alchemy University is a JavaScript-focused education site collaborating with some of the industry’s top educators. The platform also hosts ChainShot’s Ethereum Developer Bootcamp, covering Solidity extensively. Moreover, highly skilled engineers teach this course to ensure developers get access to versed industry professionals with tried and tested experiences.

Lastly, anyone can use Alchemy University and build smart contracts through a browser on their computers. The prices for courses vary between $19.99 and $249.

5. Speed Run Ethereum

Speed Run Ethereum is an interactive platform taking a laidback approach to smart contract development. The website appeals to blockchain enthusiasts with minimal development knowledge and teaches plenty of valuable lessons in a fun manner. For example, users can learn how to create their own NFTs in simple steps with simple copy/paste commands.

Students of Speed Run Ethereum start by watching a quick introduction video on Ethereum Development. Next, they can use Scaffold-ETH 2 to copy/paste Solidity concepts and tinkers, such as global units, primitives, mappings, events, etc. Users learn as they go and can improve their knowledge about modifiers, inheritance, and payable/fallback functions after creating their own NFTs.

The courses are available in a series of challenges, such as:

  • Build a Simple NFT
  • Create a Decentralized Staking App
  • Build a Token Vendor
  • Dice Game
  • Build a DEX

Behind Speed Run Ethereum is Austin Griffith, an experienced and well-regarded Web3 developer educator. He leads a team of seasoned developers, proposing an exciting learning journey through smart contract development challenges and tutorials.