Unveiling YOD: A Chinese New Year-Themed Cryptocurrency Set to Prosper During the Festive Season


The Year of the Wood Dragon, which begins February 10th in The Gregorian Calendar marks the day of which Chinese culture transitions into a New Year, embracing the Wood Dragon. The Year of the Dragon which historically in Chinese Culture is known to symbolize power, nobleness, honour, luck and success has inspired the creation of the cryptocurrency meme token, Year of the Dragon (YOD) on the Ethereum Blockchain (ERC-20 Token).

Lead by the tale of the Dragon known as Yod, the Year of the Dragon meme token brings together Chinese culture and cryptocurrency while delivering the highest levels of safety and commitment to a truly decentralized community owned token. Launched strategically around the time of the Chinese New Year celebrations, the tale of Yod, a humble yet profound figure from the dragon race offers a unique perspective on leading a decentralized community to achieve endless wealth. 

Swearing to overcome his challenges and restore honor to his dragon race, Yod embarked on a journey of self-improvement and community building, creating a platform which allowed for diverse ideas, decentralized decision-making, and a shared sense of ownership among its members. Marked by his early life challenges and shaped by the virtues instilled by his wise mother, Yod's story is a beacon of inspiration and demonstrates how wisdom, compassion, and kindness can be powerful tools in cultivating not just wealth, but a harmonious and prosperous community.

Yod's legacy is a blueprint for other communities striving for prosperity, emphasizing that wealth is not just in financial abundance but in the richness of character and community spirit. Inspired by Yod's core values and teachings, as the countdown to the Chinese New Year begins – $YOD has continued to establish itself as a cryptocurrency that seamlessly blends technological innovation with cultural richness. By strategically aligning itself with the festivities, $YOD is set to make a significant impact on the crypto landscape, offering users a unique and culturally inspired digital experience. As we usher in the Year of the Dragon, Yod stands ready to rise and write his own chapter in the evolution of meme tokens and cryptocurrency.

Year of the Dragon ($YOD) has a simple and transparent tokenomics structure, with no fees or taxes, and a fixed total supply. The $YOD token has a total supply of 1 billion tokens, with no additional tokens to be minted. There are no taxes on buying, selling, or transacting the $YOD token. This means that the value of the token is solely determined by market demand and supply, as there are no additional fees or charges that would affect its price. The $YOD token Smart Contract is renounced, which prevents any changes to be made, this includes any changes to taxes and wallet limits. The liquidity pool was locked for a year, meaning the total value of YOD's liquidity is locked using Ethereum's most trusted locking site, unicrypt (UNCX).


Token Contract: 0x30d0E4E6fB0330e45a13e1E06260837F27015dE5

Token name: Year of the Dragon

Token ticker: YOD

Token standard: ERC-20

Total supply: 1,000,000,000 YOD

Taxes: 0% buy, sell, and transaction fees

Media Details: 

Website: https://year-of-the-dragon.net/ 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/yod_erc20 

Telegram: https://t.me/YearOfTheDragon_ERC20 

Whitepaper: https://yod.gitbook.io/yod-whitepaper/ 


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