Veer Presents Exclusive Webinar: The Future of Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) and eBikes


Veer is set to host an exclusive webinar in 2 weeks. Participants are encouraged to mark their calendars for January 17th at 11 AM PST. The company will provide unique insight and a deep dive into their Shift Drive technology, pioneering advancements of LEVs and eBikes.

Founder and CTO Sean Hacking will host the informative session. He will uncover their newest groundbreaking innovation, Shift Drive, that will reshape the light electric vehicle industry. Participants will understand why Veer is leading the charge in transforming urban mobility.

Veer's exclusive Split Belt Pro and Shift Drive System technologies create a new convenience for riders. These innovations provide an efficient, durable, and safe biking experience. 

There's a huge demand for e-bikes and smaller mobility options: The company's commitment extends beyond technological innovation. Veer is ready to take full advantage of this growing market for sustainable transportation. They are actively contributing to reducing carbon footprints in travel and fostering cleaner urban landscapes. 

Veer has strategic alliances with renowned OEM partners such as Lyric Bikes, Phatfour, and Detroit Bikes. This collaboration showcases the company's ability to enhance these electric bikes by making them extremely low maintenance, durable, and a smooth ride. 

For those interested, reservations for the webinar can be made here.