Veer Surpasses 150K Investments on StartEngine


A rising force in innovative eBike technology, Veer is captivating investors. The company recently surpassed $150K in investments on Start Engine. The growing recognition showcases a promising investment opportunity for backers on StartEngine.

Veer expresses its sincere gratitude to their community of investors. Funds raised will play a pivotal role in fueling continued growth. This will enable the company to advance its innovative technologies and expand its market presence.

Here's why Veer is a prime investment choice for forward-thinking individuals: 

  • Redefining the way people think about urban mobility. Their Shift Drive System offers game-changing solutions that transcend traditional eBike functionalities.

  • The eBike and global bicycle markets are witnessing exponential growth. Veer is strategically positioned to capitalize on the expanding market demands.

  • By advocating for eco-friendly transportation solutions, Veer is contributing to a more sustainable future. 

Veer's growth is exponential, with the Light Electric Vehicle Market seeing a 2-3X surge annually. This market encompasses eBikes, e-scooters, and various LEVs. This expanding market, notably the eBike sector, was valued at $28.87B in 2023. The company has grown 2X Annually in the LEV Market. 

Even more impressive? They have consistently achieved an extraordinary 200% year-over-year growth since 2019. As they continue to break barriers, this track record positions them as a promising investment opportunity. 

Invest in Veer now and be part of redefining local transportation. For those interested in learning more, visit StartEngine