Waves3 ICP.Hub Portugal Leading Growth Efforts with Web3 Builder Afterwork


After a more than successful end to 2023, Waves3 – ICP’s Portugal hub – is keeping up the momentum coming into the new year with their next community building event.

Friday 2nd of February marks their first event of the year as they continue their mission to grow the ICP builder base in Portugal, as well as strengthen the region’s wider Web3 ecosystem.

Following on from the recently announced partnership with Based in Lisbon, Waves3 is setting the standard in community growth, empowering members to take action and build with the support of the ecosystem behind them. Taking place in the centre of Lisbon, the Builder Afterwork event aims to unite Web3 & traditional business founders to build connections, whilst delivering a value-packed session on the ICP network, and how Waves3 hub supports its ecosystem builders in launching and scaling their projects on ICP – from ideation and fundraising to marketing and distribution.

The event will be complete with free drinks, pizza and a snack to the keep hunger at bay, and ensure attendees will be focused on strengthening their network and developing the know-how to start building on ICP.

What is Internet Computer Protocol and Waves3 ICP Hub?

Waves3 is one of the latest additions to the ICP’s global developer community. Spearheaded by Tim Haldorsson, Founder and CEO of Lunar Strategy, their mission is to enable builders and developers to bring their visions to life, using ICP to do so. From networking events to builder workshops, Waves3 is aiming to create a community of like minded and forward thinking founders and builders, and supporting them with their endeavours. 

The Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) is a blockchain network, forging the next generation of IT architecture and infrastructure. Founded by the DFINITY Foundation, ICP is empowering builders and developers with the tools needed to create inclusive and decentralised digital infrastructure, without the fear of centralised entities looming over – an open internet where everyone is able to contribute and has control over their data.

Over the last year, the ICP ecosystem has grown nearly 40% every month, as the network has shown itself to be a real winner for nurturing and developing the innovators of tomorrow, and is positioning itself to be a key player in providing the world with scalable blockchain infrastructure.

Event details

The Builder Afterwork event will take place at 17:00,  Friday, 2nd of February 24 in R. do Benformoso 227, 1100-285 Lisbon – attendees must register using the following link: https://lu.ma/icpbuilder 

For all the latest updates and information on Waves3, follow their twitter page here.