XT.COM proudly announces the listing of «MAXIMUS» token in the innovation zone (Layer 2)


Exciting news from the crypto world! XT.COM proudly announces the listing of «MAXIMUS» token in the innovation zone (Layer 2). The MAXIMUS/USDT trading pair has been available for trading since December 16th, 2023, at 08:00 (UTC). 

Introducing «MAXIMUS» token, a digital asset for intellectual property and used as a bartering unit inside the innovative ecosystem of «MAXIMUS VEGAS + MAXIMUS SPORTS DUBAI» which merge online / offline Gaming & Esports communities and generate retail and wholesale distribution of sports and gaming equipment globally. This multisided application creates a whole industry with economic dynamics which makes it an important universal asset in the crypto world. Join the future of Gaming & Esports community with «MAXIMUS».

«MAXIMUS VEGAS» is a Play-to-Earn platform created by gamers for gamers. Innovative competition gaming platform to participate tournaments with real physical Prizes & Cash rewards. Its technology closely tied to the company’s intellectual property. «MAXIMUS VEGAS» is a bridge between Web2 & Web3 technologies opening era in which technology merge with human creativity exists in harmony of gamers world. Amazing & Breathtaking tournaments are driven by AI guarantees Fair Play and Anti Cheat conditions which unite global gamers community on our platform. «MAXIMUS VEGAS» more than just a Gaming & Esports platform — it's a realm where your skills become your currency. Join the gaming evolution now! 

«MAXIMUS SPORTS DUBAI» is a sports store in Dubai, selling sporting goods and equipment since 2009. Specializing in high-quality gear for racket sports, fitness equipment, sportswear, and massage equipment. Explore our range of self-manufactured products which you can barter with «MAXIMUS» token globally.

«MAXIMUS» token – This is more than a gaming reward since it has great value due to Intellectual Property Shares which are linked to each token. The Legal evaluation of IP Shares builds a strong base for potential growth in the crypto market. Double purpose functions work as a catalyst for gaming experiences while holding an internal connection with IP Shares, making «MAXIMUS» token a very strong and dynamic crypto asset.

«MAXIMUS VEGAS» ecosystem actively supports the revolution in decentralized capitalization of digital currencies, marking a profound shift in today's principles of speculative thinking and emotional influence on market participants.

According to the established framework of the crypto industry, «MAXIMUS VEGAS» is not just creating change in the market,  it's crafting a revolutionary predictable economic system. This long-term vision aims to be the primary financial regulator for the entire digital currency system, ensuring the interests of all market participants. 

«MAXIMUS» token operates on the BEP-20 standard and is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). With a limited supply of 66,666,666,666,667 tokens, which empower every individual on the planet with a monthly living minimum. Achieving this becomes a reality with the token priced at just $1, making it an attainable long-term goal.

«MAXIMUS» token functionality goes beyond internal gaming transactions by covering different blockchains including Polygon and Ethereum. Integration with most innovative blockchain technologies makes «MAXIMUS VEGAS» Pioneer in Gaming & Esports industry.

Reduction in transaction expenses inside own ecosystem makes «MAXIMUS» token more affordable. 

Outside of Gaming area «MAXIMUS» token works as reward tool for external participants who developing collaboration ecosystem and reward interested newbies.

Albin Warin, CEO of XT.COM, expresses enthusiasm for «MAXIMUS» token listing, emphasizing its significant impact on the cryptocurrency landscape. He remarks, "«MAXIMUS» token listing on xt.com crypto exchange marks a pivotal moment for the crypto community," highlighting its unique attributes and association with «MAXIMUS VEGAS», a pioneering project redefining the gaming industry. 

«MAXIMUS VEGAS» is also a thriving community that accommodates casual enthusiasts and celebrated personalities alike. Its all-encompassing environment ensures that everyone finds a place within the virtual realm. «MAXIMUS VEGAS» prides itself on spearheading a gaming industry revolution, delivering an immersive experience unrivaled by any other. «MAXIMUS VEGAS» isn't just a gaming platform; it's an ecosystem that bridges the gap between technology and entertainment. It offers an unparalleled gaming experience while fostering a global community united by a passion for gaming excellence and innovation.

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